The Leadersmith


May 8, 2021

In this episode I describe what I learned from podcasting for 1 year. What I learned and how I benefitted from this process is somewhat surprising—like cofounding the Excellence in Leadership institute—an opportunity that would not have emerged without the podcast.


For Excellence in Leadership Training:


I also talked about Bebe Beans (Coffee that supports the girls’ home to get homeless off the street in Colombia):


I also discussed my favorite episodes (in chronological order, but episode 69 is my absolute favorite):


  1. Welcome to the Leadersmith


  1. The hulk, Billy Graham, and Why They Matter if You are a Leader.



33, 34, and 120. (Interviews with Brian Miller)

Need some Encouraging Perspective? Parts I and II


Drink Coffee, Save homeless Girls in Medellin Colombia.



  1. Think Like Trump (The Businessman)



  1. How StoneBridge School Teaches Students to Become Leaders



  1. My new Favorite Leadership Story




126-128. Christmas Episodes:

Where do Christmas Traditions Come From,  The 12 Days of Christmas and Epiphany.


The Hidden Meaning in the 12 Days of Christmas


Epiphany and the True Meaning of Christmas



  1. How to Lead Well at Home



146-148. Leadership and Communication with Kenny Embry

Leadership and Communication Part I


Leadership and Communication Part II


Leadership and Communication Part III


153-154. How to Handle Fears with Kirsten Ross Vogel

How to Handle Fears with Kirsten Ross Vogel Part I


How to Handle Fears with Kirsten Ross Vogel Part II


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